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Global Financial Group (WFG) is a multi-level marketing company based in John Creek, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, that sells investment, insurance, and various other financial products through a network of distributors in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. It is wholly owned by TransAmerica, a subsidiary of Partners Aegon.World Financial Group is compensated by selling financial services products and receiving commission overruns from people who are patronted by the company's agents. Global Marketing Alliance (WMA) was founded by Humphrey Hubert after he left Primerica in 1991. The original name was Alexander, Inc. but shortly thereafter the name was changed by the Global Marketing Alliance. The original idea was that newborns needed a solution to create wealth and protect taxes, and that the philosophy of "buying and investing difference" in Primerica (formerly A.L. Williams) could be better addressed with life-changing global insurance. while at A.L., Humphrey created and displayed business coordination system (BFS), business sales and recruitment methodology. Humphrey continued to develop a methodology at WMA. MD, the company's private satellite television network, was also introduced during this period. The company expanded its operations to Include Canada, Taiwan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. The company held its first conference in Las Vegas in 1992. It was attended by some 2,000 associates. On March 23, 1998, WMA's global executive headquarters opened in Duluth, Georgia. The 100,000-square-foot (9,300-square-meter) building has 500 employees. In November 1998, he was fined WMA $100,000 for "not properly supervising sales agents" after its customers lost nearly $2 million in unregistered investments. In 2000, WMA was fined $125,000 for "failing to report nearly 900 complaints from clients". In June 2001, selected assets from WMA were purchased by AEGON and renamed Global Financial Group, and Humphrey Retained WMA Mortgage Services, Inc., inc., and the original logo, which was used in its subsequent global leadership group companies and international dominance group. As part of the terms of the sale, Humphrey was placed on a non-competition agreement and was unable to compete in the insurance industry until 2013. After selling WMA to Aegon, Alexander Winindits, CEO of AEGON, was quoted as saying: "When we took over the company, we put in place very strict regulatory and compliance procedures." The Global Financial Group has more than 3,500 offices in the United States. The Canadian Global Financial Group, the Canadian Insurance Agency's Global Financial Group, moved to Toronto, Ontario in February 2012. The government's policy of "de-listing" is a matter of concern. On July 1, 2013, WFG Securities of Canada, Inc. changed its name to Trans America Securities, Inc.