Trade FuelCell Energy

FuelCell Energy, Inc. is a fuel cell energy company. It designs, manufactures, operates and operates in direct fuel cell power plants (a type of molten carbon fuel cell) that is powered by natural gas and biogas. Their power plants are not considered "hydrogen fuel cells" because raw materials are not pure hydrogen and are by-products of electricity generation that include carbon dioxide. As one of the largest manufacturers of fuel cell in circulation in the United States, the company operates more than 50 factories worldwide. It operates the world's largest fuel cell park, the Gyeongji Green Energy Cell Park, located in South Korea. The park consists of 21 power plants providing 59 MW of electricity as well as heating areas for a number of customers in South Korea. It also operates the largest fuel cell park in North America consisting of five 2.8MW power plants and a turbine cycle cycle turbine in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The company has two markets including extremely clean energy, based on natural gas, and renewable energy operating on renewable biogas. Its customer base covers commercial and industrial companies including utility companies, municipalities, universities, etc. in 1969, the company was founded as an energy research company (ERC) by early fuel cell pioneers Bernard Baker and Martin Klein, both chemical engineers with professional knowledge in advanced battery technologies. From the 1970s to the 1990s, sponsored by the U.S. Army and utility companies Other, the company has extended to a low-temperature fuel cell area and high-temperature carbon fuel systems, which have proven to have greater potential in commercial applications. It completed its INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING in 1992 and was renamed FuelCell Energy, Inc. spun off the battery division, Everest in 1999. FuelCell Energy began expanding globally in 2007 through a partnership with POSCO Energy, targeting markets in Southeast Asia, particularly South Korea, but the company announced the termination of the partnership in 2020.