Trade Fuel Tech

Fuel technology provides multi-pollutant emission control and water treatment using a cost-effective and sustainable approach. Our APC technologies include: low NOx stoves, overfire air systems, ESP and FGC systems, NOxOUT® SNCR ™ systems, I-NOx® integrated control systems in NOx, ® ULTRA® ammonia generation, HClear systems™ to reduce HCl, IMPLUSE cleaners to reduce dirt and sediment, tifi® targeted in furnace injection™ programs to improve boiler efficiency and temperature with reduced malice, corrosion, greenhouse gases. water treatment technologies include redox chemical additives to effectively control mercury emissions for wet FGD washers and innovative dissolved gas technology, featuring a patented nozzle system to deliver highly saturated oxygen and other gaseous water sets. These gas pumping applications target these facilities and industrial wastewater to improve performance and operating costs compared to standard ventilation systems.