Trade Freshpet

Freshpet is an American pet food company. Cat foods and fresh dog food products are marketed; They need to be kept refrigerated at the point of sale. It is listed on nasdaq with the code FRPT. In the third quarter of 2018, year-on-year sales increased by 27%. Freshpet was founded in Secaucus, New Jersey in 2006 by Scott Morris, Cathal Walsh and John Phelps, former pet food executives who wanted to create pet food with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. In August 2006, the company opened its first factory in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Fresh ingredients are locally sourced meats, fruits and vegetables. In 2013, Freshpet opened a new manufacturing facility, Freshpet Kitchens, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This new $25 million facility was built to resemble human-class manufacturing standards. In 2015, the company opened a new r&d center in the town. In 2018, it announced an investment of $100 million+ to expand pet food production at its current location. In February 2020, Freshpet announced that a new pet food manufacturing facility will be built in Ennis, Texas, which is expected to create 427 jobs. The state granted Freshpet a $2.0 million grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund.