Trade Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA is a healthcare company based in Bad Homburg for Hohe, Germany. It provides dialysis products and services, in hospitals, and inpatient and outpatient medical care. It is involved in the management of hospitals, engineering and services for medical and other health-care facilities. Fresenius Medical Care, a publicly traded company that owns 30.8% Fresinius, focuses on patients with chronic renal failure. With its North American headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, it has a 38% market share of the Dialysis market in the United States. Fresenius Helios is the largest hospital operator and provider of inpatients and outpatient clinics in Germany. Helios Clinicin has more than 110 hospitals and more than 30,000 beds, treating more than 4 million patients annually. Fresenius Cappie is a supplier of essential medicines, clinical nutrition products, and medical devices. It produces generic versions of intravenous oncology products such as Paclitaxel, Irionottican, Oxaliplatin, Jamesitapine, Citarapine, Carupapine, Tobutipine, Dokitaxel, and ibrupine.