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Katherine "Kate" Taffy Richard is an American businesswoman specializing in private equity investment, focusing on real estate assets, especially real estate, sports, oil and upstream gas. In 2010, it founded Warwick Investment Group, a private equity firm focused on real estate assets with nearly $2 billion in managed assets. Warwick Investment Group is a major provider of private equity capital in real asset industries in the United States. Richard Big Uncle Devon Energy was founded and drilled wells in the Caspian Sea after the fall of the Soviet Union.Richard graduated in 2004 from Harvard College. Its academic focus was on post-colonial theory, with research focusing on Rwanda. After Richard graduated from Harvard University in 2004, she worked at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker and private equity investor in New York, Paris and London. Public and private debt and shares of oil, gas, mineral and mining companies, as well as sovereign debt in asset management in Serengeti, New York.Richard Left Serengeti in 2009 to invest in international and domestic energy companies for MSD Capital inc. Michael Dell Private Investment Company in New York.