Trade FLIR Systems

FLIR Systems is the world's largest trading company specializing in the design and production of thermal imaging cameras, components and imaging sensors. Based in Wilson, Oregon, USA, the company makes thermal cameras and components for a wide range of commercial and government applications. FLIR is an element of the S&P 500 with annual revenues exceeding $1.5 billion annually as of 2014. In the spring of 2013, Andrew C. Tisch became CEO and PRESIDENT of FLIR after earl Lewis retired. FLIR employs 2,741 people worldwide. FLIR took its name from an infrontal infrared abbreviation. The company started in 1978 with airborne infrared systems and evolved from 1978 to 2004 through product development and acquisition of related companies. Originally founded in Tigard, Oregon, the company moved to Portland in the mid-1990s. FLIR collaborated with Hughes Aircraft in 1990, with Hughes co-ownerof FLIR. The company became publicly traded in a public offering in June 1993 that raised $11.5 million for the company with a share offering of $12.50. In 1994, the company grew to sales of $47 million annually. The following year, J. Kenneth Stringer III was appointed president of the company. The company purchased the infrared system in Sweden in 1997, doubling the size of the company. The acquisitions continued the following year when they bought Massachusetts-based Inframetrics Inc. for $48 million. The Board of Directors had dismissed the company's president and chief executive officer Kenneth Stringer III in May 2000 due to errors in the company's accounting practices. In September 2002, the Securities and Exchange Commission sued FLIR for accounting irregularities. The following year, three company executives were charged with fraudulent accounting in connection with the Securities and Exchange Commission case, which included sales inflated claims. Sales at FLIR increased to $311 million in fiscal year 2003. In 2004, the company purchased a building in Wilson from Mentor Graphics for $10.3 million to be used as a new headquarters. In 2003, FLIR acquired Indigo Systems, a leading developer and supplier of a wide range of infrared imaging products, including chilled and non-concentrated infrared detectors, camera cores, and final cameras.