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American Airlines Group is an American holding company trading in Fort Worth, Texas. It was formed on December 9, 2013, through the merger of AMR, the parent company of American Airlines, and American Airlines Group, the parent company of American Airlines. The integration was completed when the Federal Aviation Administration granted one operating certificate to both carriers on April 8, 2015, and all flights now operate under the American Airlines brand. Group operates the largest airline in the world, as measured by the number of passengers transported, by fleet size and scheduled passengers by air km. The company ranked 70th in the Fortune 500 list of the largest U.S. companies on its 2019 revenue basis, but, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, lost $2.2 billion in the first quarter of 2020 alone and accepted government assistance, reportedly shrinking the passenger fleet. in January 2012, American Airlines Group, the parent company of American Airlines, expressed interest in taking over AMR, the parent company of American Airlines. In March, AMR CEO Tom Horton said the company was open to mergers. American Airlines told some American Airlines creditors that merging the two carriers could result in more than $1.5 billion annually in added revenue and cost savings. On April 20, the three American Airlines unions said they supported the proposed merger between the two companies. With AMR under chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, American Airlines was looking to merge with another airline. Earlier in July, the bankruptcy court stated that American Airlines was a U.S. airline creditor and a "potential merger partner"; In February 2013, American Airlines and American Airlines announced merger plans, creating the world's largest airline by some measures. In the transaction, which was expected to close in the third quarter of 2013, AMR's stakeholders will own 72% of the company and the remaining 28% will be owned by American Airlines shareholders. Rothschild & Co. served as the investment bank for the deal. The combination of "equal merger" between the two airlines was considered, but the retention of the name "American" is more established going forward, and accordingly the name of the holding company American Airlines Group has been changed. The new group's headquarters at the United States headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, were also strengthened, but the American Airlines management team, including CEO Doug Parker, retained most of the operational management positions.