Trade First Interstate

For the Los Angeles-based bank that operated until 1996, see the first Inter-State BancSystem, Inc., a financial holding company for both the company and its main banking subsidiary First Pinat Bank. Both are based in Billings, Montana. Bank originated in 1968 as a single bank in Sheridan, Wyoming, and was founded in Montana in 1971. One of the banks that is now part of the system was casper's first national bank, which traces its roots to C.H. King and Company Bankers, founded by Charles Henry King, grandfather of President Gerald Ford.In 1984, the company entered into a franchise agreement with First Pinat Bancorp, a multi-state holding company based in Los Angeles, California, to use the bank's first interstate name and logo. In 1996, Bancorp first sold Ancorp's Midwestern subsidiaries in the United States to St. Louis-based Panchers, paving the way for the remaining West Coast operations to be purchased and merged into Wells Fargo. Montana successfully negotiated to retain the first name and logo among the well-known states. As of 2006, the bank has expanded to 49 branches with 130 ATMs in Montana and Wyoming. In November 2016, it acquired Cascade Bancorp from Oregon for $589 million. At that time, the first interstate had $7.3 billion in deposits and $9 billion in assets.