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American Bancorp (stylized as U.S. bancorp) is a U.S. bank holding company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was founded in Delaware. It is the parent company of the National Association of the American Bank and is the fifth largest banking institution in the United States. The company offers banking, investment, mortgage, trust and payment services to individuals, companies, government agencies and other financial institutions. It has 3,106 branches and 4,842 machines still operating automatically, in the Western And Midwest United States. It is ranked 117th on the Fortune 500. The company also owns Elavon, a merchant credit card transaction processing company and Ilan Financial Services, a credit card issuer that exports credit card products to the U.S. Bank and #2 #24 #24 other financial institutions. The oldest national charter, originally awarded to the First National Bank in Philadelphia, is held by Wells Fargo, which was acquired when it merged with Wacoffia.