Trade Ferroglobe

Ferroglobe is one of the largest producers of a wide range of metal alloys and other metal products. The company uses the latest technology in all its operations to provide the best products, which are critical components in many industrial and consumer products. This commercial approach allows the company to be at the forefront of silicon-based alloy production, but also provide manganese, ferrosilicon alloys and silica fumes among others. Moreover, it is remarkable that behind metal-related industries, Ferroglobe is also involved in hydropower generation and mining, both of which are linked to its core activities and which produce synergies that benefit the company. the company is organized in many areas of business (electrometallurgy/mining/energy/solar photovoltaic technologies) divided into operational units located all over the world in: Spain, USA, France, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Venezuela and China. with this international infrastructure approach, ViewGlobe is able to handle customers all over the world, provide excellent technical support thanks to highly trained professionals, and deliver very fast deliveries. Some industries ferroglobe customers are: chemical silicon, aluminum and steel manufacturers, producers of photovoltaic solar cells and computer chips, automotive industry, iron-ductile foundries, and producers of building materials and concrete.