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Euronet Global is a US worldwide electronic payment service provider based in Lywood, Kansas. It offers ATMs, POS services, credit/debit card services, currency exchange and other electronic financial services and payment programs. Among other things, it provides prepaid affiliates Transact, PaySpot, E-Payment, Movilcarga, TeleRecarga and ATX. As of 2019, Euronet services 50,000 ATM and 330,000 EFT point-of-sale terminals in 170 countries. the company was founded in 1994 by brothers-in-law Dan Henry and Mike Brown based in Lyawood, Kansas. In 1998, Euronet acquired ARKSYS, a software company specializing in electronic payment and transaction delivery systems. On January 23, 2002, Euronet International announced the establishment of a joint venture with Hong Kong-based First Mobile Group Holdings Limited.In April 2014, and Wal-Mart began offering a shop-to-store money transfer service, in partnership with Raya Money Tree, a subsidiary of Raya Mobile, a subsidiary of Euronet. Walmart2Walmart allows shoppers to transfer money to and from 4,000 Wal-Mart stores in the United States. In 2016, the program was expanded into the global money transfer services market with Walmart2World.In June 2015, ria money transfer company entered the Middle East transfer market with the purchase of its money transfer provider, IME. In February 2020, Rhea opened Singapore's first retail store, allowing customers to transfer money at foreign exchange rates. In May 2020, RHEA announced the expansion of its application To transfer money via mobile phone to European customers. In July 2020, OXXO, latin America's largest chain of stores, partnered with Euronet's RIA money transfer company to begin offering in-store money transfer services. In December 2018, Euronet signed an agreement with Mozambique to provide programs for the country's financial system. Under the agreement, Euronet supports transaction processing services, communications with major card associations, ATM and point-of-sale driving, card issuance, mobile phone recharging, billing, and digital wallets, among others. Euronet has launched REN, a software that allows payment processors to add updated payment technology without having to replace existing hardware and software. The programme allows banks and other payment service providers to adopt new technologies when they become available. The country of Mozambique has transferred its entire payments systems to run on the Ren Program. In January 2020, Euronet partnered with Standard Chartered to allow international ATM users to pay in their own currencies instead of local currencies using the Dynamic Currency Exchange Service (DCC). ATM will be offered in countries across Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. In the same month, Euronet began offering a frequent billing service to allow monthly payments for AppleCare products. Euronet also entered into an agreement with AMBER Alert Europe in January 2020 to post alerts for missing children active on ATM screens. The following month, Euronet partnered with Amazon India to provide additional payment services to the Amazon's mobile wallet. In September 2020, Euronet entered into an agreement with Microsoft to manage the frequent monthly billing of selected retailers within the mobile gaming market. In December 2020, Euronet bought 700 non-branch ATMs from Bank of Ireland.