Trade Energy Recovery

Energy Recovery Inc. (NASDAQ: ERII) manufactures energy recovery devices for the global oil, gas, chemical and water industries. The company's various applications of basic technologies harness untapped fluid energy or facilitate the transfer of energy between different liquids, reducing overall operating costs and carbon emissions in a variety of industrial applications such as desalination, ammonia production, gas treatment and hydraulic fracturing. Energy Sadtel produces its equipment at a facility located at the company's headquarters. Energy Recovery is headquartered in San Leandro, California, with international offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Shanghai, China; and Madrid, Spain. Energy Recovery was founded in 1992 by Liv and Marisa Hogg and incorporated in Virginia. The company was reincorporated into Delaware in 2001. Energy Recovery began selling products in 1997 and was launched in 2008.On October 19, 2015, Energy Recovery signed a 15-year license agreement with Schlumberger Technology granting Schlumberger exclusive rights to take advantage of VorTeq's onshore oil recovery technology and complete gas wells globally. In 2016, Forbes reported that Energy Recovery was the first performing company in California in terms of annual investment returns, with a return of 317.3%. The company is currently led by President and CEO Robert Mao, who was appointed in May 2020.