Trade Dexus

Dexus is one of Australia's leading real estate groups, managing a high-quality Australian real estate portfolio worth $32.0 billion. We believe that the strength and quality of our relationships are at the heart of our success and are strongly committed to working with our customers to provide spaces that share and inspire. We invest only in Australia and directly own $16.5 billion of office and industrial real estate. We manage another $15.5 billion of office, retail, industrial and healthcare properties for third-party clients. The group's $10.4 billion development line provides the opportunity to grow both portfolios and boost future revenues. with 1.8 million square meters of office space across 51 facilities, we are Australia's preferred office partner. Dexus is the top 50 entities in terms of market capitalization listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (Trading Code: DXS) and is supported by 29,000 investors from 21 countries. With 36 years of experience in real estate investment, development and asset management, we have a proven track record in capital and risk management, providing excellence in service to tenants and delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to investors.