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NASDAQ Financial Index-100 is a specialized index operated by NASDAQ that follows stocks in the Financial Services Index. It was created in 1985 as a sister index for the most widely followed NASDAQ-100. As designed by NASDAQ, this index follows companies engaged in banking, insurance, mortgages, securities and real estate trading. It also has exchanges between its components, including NASDAQ itself. must participate in one of these categories: banking, insurance, security trading, brokerage, mortgages, debt collection, and real estate. If the company has multiple categories of shares, all categories that meet minimum market capitalization criteria will be included. At the moment, however, all companies in the index have only one class of shares in this index. Unlike the NASDAQ-100 index, there are no minimum weight requirements, and there is no minimum size to meet either. Like the NASDAQ-100, the index is rebalanced annually, but in June. Ingredients that are in the top 100 financial companies are allowed to stay in the index. If the component is between 101 positions to 125, a year is given to move to the top 100 of eligible stocks. If you cannot meet this standard, then the arrows are dropped. Any component that does not exist in the top 125 is dropped at the time of rebalancing. All vacancies, including those made when an action of the company makes an ineligible component, through acquisition or delisting, are filled by the highest ranked element and not in the index. Unlike the NASDAQ-100, Since the changes are announced in advance, the changes in the NASDAQ-100 are not announced by NASDAQ.