Trade CSG Systems International

CSG is a multinational company based in Greenwood Village, Colorado. It provides software and services for business support systems, mainly for the telecommunications industry. was founded by Neil Hansen First Data Division in 1982. It became an independent company when csg holdings bought it in 1994 for $137 million. The united states of The O'Reilly Andres,1999, the United States The CSG group was announced in 1996. A pricing dispute with TCI led to a $120 million arbitration settlement in 2002 with Comcast, which acquired TCI business. The two continued to do business together and expanded their relationship in 2014. CSG made more than a dozen acquisitions in the 2000s, mostly from companies that sold invoices, customer service and operations programs. was founded in 1982 by Neil Hansen Company under the name cable services group (CSG) as a division of the first data company payment processing company. At that time, the first data was run by American Express, which acquired a controlling stake in the company in 1980. CSG became part of the American Fast Information Services Company, which was formed in 1989. CSG Group's first large-scale billing center, which prints and letters of invoices to consumers, was established in Omaha in 1990.Hansen left the cable services group one year after its founding to become CEO for applied communication, where he met George Haddix. Hansen and Hadix formed CSG Holdings with Morgan Stanley and Trident Investment Group in 1994, which acquired the cable services group that year for $137 million. In November 1994, the cable services group was renamed CSG Systems International.CSG was the second largest billing service provider for the Cable TV industry in the United States by 1994, serving 27 percent of cable TV subscribers. However, according to the International Guide to Company History, the company's small profit margins were "still in need of a shift". CSG broadcast and cable said they lost direction and became satisfied. Haddix and Heinson implemented changes to the company, prompting 350 out of 500 employees to leave the company within a few months. The new CSG grew rapidly. The convergence of telephone, Internet, on-demand movies and other services has led to the creation of more complex billing arrangements between corporate communications and consumers, resulting in the more comprehensive use of billing service providers such as CSG. Professional services and international clients, who were previously not a significant part of revenue, had grown to 22 per cent of revenue by the mid-1990s.