Trade Continental

Continental Airlines was a major airline in the United States founded in 1934 and eventually based in Houston, Texas. It has proprietary interests and brand partnerships with many airlines. Continental began as one of the smallest airlines in the United States, known for its limited operations under an orderly era that made a very fine, almost fancy, against the largest disciplines in important point-to-point markets, the largest of which was Chicago/Los Angeles. However, the deregulation of 1978 changed the competitive landscape and facts, as Smithsonian Airlines historian R.E.G. Davies observed, "Unfortunately, policies that have been successful for more than forty years under (Robert) Six's arrogant style of management were suddenly exposed with the cold winds of deregulation of airlines that changed all the rules - specifically, the balance between revenue and expenditure." In 1981, Texas International Airlines acquired a controlling stake in Continental. The companies were merged in 1982, moved to Houston, and grew to become one of the largest airlines in the country despite facing financial and labor issues, eventually becoming one of the most successful airlines in the United States.