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NASDAQ, Inc. is a Us multinational financial services company that owns and operates three exchanges in the United States: NASDAQ of the same name, Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Boston Stock Exchange, and seven European exchanges: NASDAQ Copenhagen, NASDAQ Helsinki, NASDAQ Iceland, NASDAQ Riga, Nasdaq Stockholm, NASDAQ Tallinn, nasdaq vilnius. Headquartered in New York City, its president and CHIEF EXECUTIVE Officer Is Adina Friedman. Historically, European operations have been known by the company omx AB (Aktiebolaget Optionsmäklarna/Helsinki Stock Exchange), established in 2003 on the merger between OM AB and HEX PLC. The operations have been part of NASDAQ, Inc. (formerly nasdaq OMX Group) since February 2008. It is now known as nasdaq Nordic, which provides financial services and manages stock markets in the North and Baltic regions of Europe. OM AB (Optionsmäklarna) was a futures exchange founded by Olof Stenhammar in the 1980s to introduce trading in consolidated option contracts in Sweden. OM acquired the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1998 and unsuccessfully attempted to acquire the London Stock Exchange in 2001. During the dot-com bubble in the early 21st century, OM, along with investment bank Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, launched a virtual European stock exchange called Geoway. The project was unsuccessful and cancelled on October 14, 2002. On August 31, 2004, the company's brand name was changed to OMX. Then OMX acquired Copenhagen Stock Exchange in January 2005 for 164 million euros. On September 19, 2006, Iceland Stock Exchange owner Eignarhaldsfeldd Verdbrefathing (EV) announced that it would be acquired by OMX in a company valuation deal at SEK 250 million. The transaction was completed by the end of the year. The company acquired a 10% stake in Oslo Bors Holdings ASA, owner of the Oslo Stock Exchange in October 2006. As of September 2016, NASDAQ is not a major shareholder in the holding company of the Oslo Stock Exchange, which after the merger is currently called Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA. However, NASDAQ publicly announced its interest in eventually acquiring Oslo shares Exchange.In November 2007, OMX acquired the Armenia Stock Exchange and The Central Wall Armenia.In December 2005, omx first north, an alternative small business exchange, began in Denmark. The first northern stock exchange expanded to Include Stockholm in June 2006, Iceland in January 2007 and Helsinki in April 2007. ComputerShare's Market Technology Division was acquired in 2006. The acquisition significantly expanded its product offerings and made its customer list larger than all commercial system technology providers.