Trade Commerce Bancshares

Trade Bankshares, Inc. is a holding company in Kansas City, Missouri, with branches of The Bank of Commerce in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Oklahoma. Trade Bancshares is the parent company of The Trade Bank, succeeding the trust trading company and the National Bank of Commerce. With roots dating back to its first charter in 1865, Trading Bank is the oldest and largest bank in Kansas City. As of December 31, 2018, it was listed as the 63rd largest commercial bank in the United States, according to the Federal Reserve. Trade was founded in 1865 by Francis Red Long as a Kansas City Savings Association with $10,000 in capital. William Stone Woods acquired it in 1881 and became the National Bank of Commerce, which at the time claimed to be the largest west bank of Chicago, Illinois.It became the Bank of Commerce in 1903 with William Thornton Kimber, Sr. as its first president. After the panic of 1907, it was briefly placed into guard basel the controller of currency. The bank paid its depositors and its ownership was returned to its owners.