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Kids Place Company (doing business and a place for kids) is an American retailer specializing in clothing and accessories for children. The company also fences clothing under the names of children's brands, children's place, children's place and Gymboree. As of October 31, 2015, the company was operating 955 stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, an online store in, and had 90 international stores open and managed by its franchise partners in 12 countries. company was founded in 1969. It was acquired by federal stores in 1981. After Campo acquired Terbi, they sold The Children's Place to a group led by Joseph Sett in 1988. It became publicly traded on nasdaq in 1997 under the symbol PLCE Index. Between 2004 and 2007, the company owned and operated 335 Disney stores through a subsidiary of Hope Holding/Hub Retail LLC, disney sold the chain for the cost of inventory to Children's Place's Hope Holdings in addition to a 15-year licensing agreement. Mario Ciampi, Senior Vice President of Store Development and Logistics, has been appointed president of Hope/Disney Store in North America. The company agreed to inject $100 million into upgrades and reoffers. Under the licensing agreement, there was a "royalty holiday" period until October 2006 to allow the renewal of stores. Royalties were then 5% of store sales while online sales get Disney 9% to 10% Royalty. Hope Holdings was able to write off the cost of the equipment ($48 million) Property contained in the purchase. Hoops saw progress in its strategy as 11-month stores in 2006 saw a 15% increase in sales with the help of better results at disney's box office and hit disney's High School Musical Channel. The store's website will run in April 2007.In June 2007, the company began negotiations to sell the rights back to the Walt Disney Company. On March 26, 2008, Hope Holdings/Hope Retail LLC and related affiliates of TCP that run disney store retail sites filed for bankruptcy. Hope of Wells Fargo received $35 million in debt financing in the acquisition and appointed Perry Mandarino of Traxi LLC, Manhattan Financial Restructuring, as head of restructuring. On May 1, 2008, 231 Disney stores in North America again became the property of Disney, which operates under the arm of Disney's consumer products. On December 11, 2009, the children's retailer announced the place of appointment of former Lord and Taylor CEO Jane T. Elfers as president and CEO (CEO) of the company, effective January 4, 2010.In summer of 2013, the store with four options for "my best subjects" including "shopping, music, dance, mathematics." While shopping, music and dancing were examined, mathematics was left unchecked because, as the "No One Is Perfect!" shirt, a factory collapsed in the Rana Plaza building near Dhaka, Bangladesh, producing goods for children in April 2013, killing 1,134 people. The company then joined the Alliance for The Safety of Workers in Bangladesh Among other North American clothing retailers, former U.S. Senators George Mitchell and Olympia Snow. The alliance's mission is a five-year plan to improve conditions in clothing factories in Bangladesh.