Trade Century Aluminum Company

Century Aluminium Company (NASDAQ: CENX) is a u.S. production company of primary aluminium, with aluminum factories in Kentucky, South Carolina and Iceland. It is the largest producer of primary aluminium in the United States. The company is a public lysed company on nasdaq. One South Walker headquarters in Chicago. since it was formed in 1995, the century has significantly expanded its operations through acquisitions and capital expansion projects and today operates primary aluminium smelters in Kentucky, South Carolina and Iceland. Century became publicly listed on NASDAQ in 1996. company operates three aluminium smelters in the United States, and one in Iceland. Construction of a fifth smelter in Iceland has been halted since 2009. All century processes produce primary aluminum, that is, aluminum of ore, instead of aluminum scrap. In 2014, the company produced 881,000 metric tons of aluminum. Helgovik, Reykjavik, Iceland (construction halt) As of late 2015, the century was suffering from low aluminium prices, threatened to close its plant in South Carolina, and lay off 600 workers, if it did not get less expensive electricity. Century concluded an agreement with Santi Cooper Power in December 2015, under which it manages the Mount Holly smelter at half its capacity.