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Wesfarmers Co., Ltd. is an Australian conglomerate, based in Perth, Western Australia, with interests mostly in Australia and New Zealand retail, chemicals, fertilizers, coal mining, industrial products and safety. With $65.98 billion in fiscal year 2016, the African Union is australia's largest company by revenue, surpassing Coles and BHP. Wesfarmers is the largest private employer in Australia, with nearly 220,000 employees. Wesfarmers was founded in 1914 as a cooperative to provide services and goods to farmers in Western Australia. It was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1984 and has grown into a major retail conglomerate. Westralian Farmers Farmers Co., Ltd. was founded in 1914 as a cooperative company by the Farmers and Settlers Association of Western Australia, to acquire the assets of the Producers' Union of Western Australia, to focus on providing services and goods to the rural community in Western Australia. By 1919, more than 65 local cooperative companies operating as agents for Westralian farmers Limited.In 1924, it founded the first public radio station in Western Australia with 6WF, before passing into the hands of the Australian Broadcasting Commission in 1929, now called AICK Radio Perth by the 1940s, the company included the work of "being wheat and public traders; The country's distribution of Commonwealth Oil Refineries Ltd.; wool, livestock, leather and auction production; grain and fruit exporters; insurance companies; obtaining agents for the Wheat Pool from W.A. known as Westralian Farmers Ltd., had premises in various locations within perth's CBD. In the 1940s, there were places. At 563-571 Wellington Street. They also had places on Newman Street in Fremantle.