Trade Brooks Automation

Brooks Automation was founded in 1978 and is based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The company is a provider of automation, unloading and hardware equipment for multiple markets, including semiconductor manufacturing, technological hardware manufacturing, and life sciences. in 2002, Brooks Completed Automation, Acquisition of Smart Automation Systems, Cambridge, Massachusetts, a dedicated automation company with technology and products for semiconductors, photonics and life sciences industries. Brooks Automation acquired Cell Cytometer's automated production line from Cyntellect, Inc. in 2011. In the same year, Brooks acquired Nexus Biosystems, which produced vehicle and sample management systems. The following year the company acquired intangible assets from Intevac, inc. and acquired transit automation company Inc.In October 2012, Brooks Automation entered into an agreement to obtain transit automation Inc.In April 2014, Brooks Automation entered into an agreement to sell its Gransville Phillips division to KKS Instruments.Brooks.Brooks closed the sale of Gran Phillips for MKS instruments on May 30, 2014.BROOKS Automation announces the completion of the acquisition of BIOSTORAGE Technologies, 01 December 2015 in 2017 Brooks acquired 4titude, maker of scientific tools and consumables, While in 2018, Brooks acquired GENEWIZ, a genomic service provider as part of an expansion of the life sciences division.