Trade BioMarin Pharmaceutical

BioMarin Pharmaceuticals is an American biotechnology company based in San Rafael, California. It has offices and facilities in the United States, South America, Asia and Europe. BioMarin's core work and research into enzyme replacement treatments (ERTs). BioMarin was the first company to provide treatments for popopolysaccharidosis type I (MPS I), through the manufacture of laronidase (Aldurazyme, marketed by Genzyme). BioMarin was also the first company to provide treatments for phenylcotonuria (PKU). Over the years, BioMarin has been criticized for drug pricing and specific cases of denial of access to drugs in clinical trials. BioMarin was founded in 1997 by Christopher Starr Ph.D. and Grant Denson Jr. with a $1.5 million investment of Glyko Biomedicine and Went Public in 1999. Seed investors were among others MPM Bioventures, Grosvenor Fund and Florian Schonharting. in 2002, BioMarin acquired Glyko Biomedical.In 2009, BioMarin acquired Huxley Pharmaceuticals Inc., which had rights in the form of ownership of 3.4-diaminopyridine (3,4-DAP), amyampridine phosphate. In 2010, BioMarin was granted marketing approval by the European Commission for 3.4 diamenopridian (3.4-DAP), amyprelic phosphate for the treatment of the rare autoimmune disease Lambert Eton Hanis syndrome (LEMS). BioMarin launched the product under the name Firdapse.In 2010, BioMarin acquired LEAD Therapeutics, Inc. (LEAD), a small private drug discovery company and an early stage development company with a key compound LT-673, an orally available poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor (PARP) studied for the treatment of patients with rare and genetically specific cancers. This acquisition was followed by the acquisition of ZyStor, a private biotechnology company developing ERTs for the treatment of lysosonic storage disorders and its candidate for the main product, ZC-701, a combination of insulin-like growth factor 2 and Alpha Glucozidaz (IGF2-GAA) in the development of Pompeii disease. On R&D Day in October 2010, BioMarin also announced a new peptide treatment program, vosoritide (BMN-111), to treat achondroplasia. In 2012, BioMarin acquired Zacaron Pharmaceuticals, a private biotechnology company based in San Diego, focusing on the development of small molecules targeting the glycan's metabolic pathways. In 2014, BioMarin acquired a chemical library of Heston Diasitlas inhibitors from Repligen for $2 million with the intention of advancing the work toward treatments for Friedrich's ataxia and other neurological disorders. In November 2014, the company agreed to buy Prosinsa for up to $840 million; however, duchenne muscular dystrophy treatments failed to obtain FDA approval, and development was halted in May 2016.In October 2019 and it was revealed that the group would open an office in Dublin to support further growth through Europe, the Middle East and Asia.