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Queen Island: Or Dethroned by Fire and Water: The Story of the Southern Hemisphere (1885) is a novel written by The Scottish writer R.M. Ballantyne. The novel first appeared in Volume 6 of Young England, an annual magazine published in London from 1880 to 1937. It was then published in a paperback by J. Nisbet & Co. This novel was the 79th publication of Ballantyne, which was written in the latter half of his career. novel is a castaway/survival story. It tells the story of two brothers and a sister stranded on one of oceania's many islands. The main themes of the 19th-century British imperial narrative include the value of Christianity, and the development of the social hierarchy. Ballantyne published the novel after moving from Edinburgh to Harrow, an area in north London, to allow his children to finish school in 1873. the novel begins with the Regunda family and two men aboard a pariah ship somewhere in the South Pacific. The family is found hidden from food and they land safely on a nearby island. After finding shelter they set out to explore the island. They soon find that everything they need seems to be growing on the trees. They explore, hunt wild boars, and build a signal flag to attract passing ships.