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Xylem Inc. is a large American water technology company, in public, residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial facilities. The company does business in more than 150 countries. Xylem is headquartered in Ray Brook, New York, which was launched in 2011 as itt corporation's water-related companies, with revenues of $5.2 billion and 17,000 employees worldwide. Its products and services focus on two areas: water infrastructure, which consists of companies providing clean water delivery services, wastewater transport and treatment, analytical devices, clean water and applied water, residential and commercial construction services companies, as well as industrial and agricultural applications. On January 12, 2011, Exelem's parent company, ITT, announced its plan to separate the company into three independent publicly traded companies." The future water company was called Xylem, pronounced zi-lem. (The name "Xylem" is derived from classical Greek, is the tissues that transport water in plants.) It comprises three business units - Water Solutions, Analytics, Water Application Systems.ITT Inc. weaves off its defense business into a company called ITT Excelsius, and has retained the company's name, logo and "engineered for life" the company logo for its other activities. In March 2014, Patrick Decker succeeded Stephen R. Loranger as CEO and President of Xylem. Loringer was chairman, president and CEO of ITT when it spun off its water business as Xylem in October 2011.