Trade ATN International

ATN International, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATNI) formerly known as Atlantic Tele Network, Inc., is a publicly traded telecommunications company based in Beverly, Massachusetts. It operates digital wireless, wiring, terrestrial fiber optic networks and submarines alike, serving geographically separated and technically challenging markets, such as plains, deserts and mountainous areas of expertise in the United States. ATN operates in specialized or non-specialized markets, and grows its business organically through acquisitions by providing an alternative to national carriers. On March 12, 2004, the company announced an 11% increase in total operating income to $78.9 million, compared to $70.8 million for 2002. ATNI also operates Wireline and fiber services through GT &t (Guyana). In July 2016, ATNI acquired virgin islands land and wireless assets of the innovative telecommunications company from the Rural Facilities Cooperative Finance Corporation due to foreclosure. The United States Joint Venture is called Via.