Trade Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings

Atlas Aviation, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas International Air Holdings, is a cargo airline, a charterairline for passengers, and an aircraft charterbased in Purchase in Harrison, New York. The airline is named after Atlas, Titan in Greek mythology. The symbol on the tail of their planes is a golden man carrying a golden world. With a combined fleet of 55 Boeing 747 aircraft, Atlas is the world's largest operator of this fleet type. In 2019, the company had 3,587 employees and operated in 425 destinations in 119 countries. Atlas Air began operations in 1992. The company's founder, Michael Chowdhury, began leasing aircraft to other airlines on the basis of aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance contracts (ACMI). The first company, China Airlines, contracted one aircraft to start service at ACMI in 1993. By 1995, Atlas Aviation had begun trading publicly, and in 1997 Atlas had ordered the purchase of 10 new Boeing 747-400F aircraft. Orders were placed for two others 747-400Fs in 1998.On January 30, 2004, Atlas Global Air entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In July 2004, the parent company completed its restructuring plan and emerged from Chapter 11 of bankruptcy protection. In March 2010, Atlas Aviation received a nine-year contract to operate the Boeing 747 Large Cargo Aircraft (LCF) Dreamfighter to transport aircraft parts to Boeing from suppliers around the world. Work began in September 2010 under the CMI (crew, maintenance and insurance) contract.