Trade Associated British Foods

British Foods PLC (ABF) is a British multinational food and retail manufacturing company headquartered in London, England. The Ingredients Division is the world's second largest producer of sugar and yeast baker and a major product of other ingredients including emulsions, enzymes and lactose. The grocery division is the main manufacturer of both branded and private grocery products and includes the Mazola, Ofaltine, Ryvita, Jordan and Twinings brands. The retail division, Primark, has more than 370 stores spread over 15,642,000 square feet (1,453,200 square meters) of retail space across many countries, mostly Germany, Ireland, Spain and the United Kingdom. Ach Food Companie is an American subsidiary. British food companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and are a component of the FTSE 100 index. The company was founded by Canadian W. Garfield Weston in 1935, initially as "Food Investments Limited", with the name changed to Allied Bakeries Ltd a month later. Between 1935 and 1956, ten national and regional bakery companies were acquired by the Allies, including Barrett and Pomeroy, the London And County Bakeries. The biggest acquisition of this time was in 1955 when the Allies bought british operations for the degrading bread company, founded in 1862. The acquisition included both the bakery business and the cafeteria chain, the tea room .B.C.B.C. The Allies' market share was Before getting A.B.C 10% of the total uk bread production is selling 20 million biscuits a day. Allied sales in the previous year were $154 million with a profit of $12.6 million in current dollars. With the acquisition of A.B.C, the Allies almost doubled their share of the UK bread market by the end of the decade. Under its new name, adopted in 1960, the Allies continued to operate A.B.C as a separate brand after its takeover, with a major Bakery A.B.C in Camden, London. This closed in 1982 and a.B.C name was retired. In 1963, Associated British Foods acquired the luxury price, which was then a leading British supermarket chain. After the founder's death in 1978, control of the company was passed on to his son Gary, while North American operations fell on his son Galen.The company sold a fine fare in 1986, and in 1991 went on to acquire British sugar. In 1997, ABF sold its retail operations in Ireland (including Northern Ireland) to Tesco. These companies were: Queensworth, Crazy Prices in the Republic of Ireland, StuartSupermarket Ltd. and Crazy Prices in Northern Ireland. The deal also included the Stewarts and Inbarel off-licensing series, Sports Lifestyle & Entertainment Ltd (Sports And Leisure Retail), Kingsway Fresh Foods (Meat Processing Facility) and Daily Wrap Production (Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Factory). In May 1994, Greggs acquired the bakers' oven chain from the company.