Trade AeroVironment

AeroVironment, Inc. is an American defense services company based in Simi Valley, California, which is primarily involved in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Paul B. McCready, a designer for human-powered aircraft, founded the company in 1971. The company is probably well known for developing a series of lightweight, then solar-powered vehicles. AeroVironment is the pentagon's primary supplier of small drones - including raven and puma models. Gosmer Condor - the first successful human-powered aircraft. The Gosmer Condor Hotel has been on display at the National Air and Space Museum since winning its first Kramer Prize in 1977. Gossmere Albatross - In 1979 this human-powered aircraft flew 23 miles (37 km) across the English Channel and claimed the greatest prize in aviation history. Other of these aircraft are displayed at the National Air and Space Museum. High Altitude Solar (HALSOL) - This solar-powered aircraft was sponsored by the CIA in the 1980s as the first solar-powered drone in the prototype history of national security missions. It was declassified and transferred to the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) in 1993, where it was modified as a high-altitude, high-endurance technology demonstrator (HALE) capable of becoming armed to destroy ballistic missiles in the flight booster phase (called the reinforcement of an interception phase). Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was the implementing factor for the BMDO program. He led the doctor. Colella and Dr. Lowell Wood's EFFORTS LLNL to BMDO Program Manager, LtCol (USAF) Dale Titz. Ray Morgan led the program at AeroVironment alongside Dr. Paul McCready and Tim Confer. This pilot programme was fast-paced and supported at the highest levels of government. The ultimate goal was to develop the world's first "Fly Forever" drone that could be configured for a variety of national security missions. The program was cancelled in 1995 due to budget cuts in the Clinton administration, while the plane, codenamed Pathfinder, was transferred to NASA for a new program. Pathfinder flew several flight test missions at the NASAs Dryden Aviation Research Center before moving the property. BMDO and LNL have also begun the initial development of new super-weight ultrasonic interceptors that can be deployed from Pathfinder and its derivatives. The interceptor, called Astrid, flew several successful missions during this time period in Vandenberg AFB, California.