Abiomed is a public lycée company that develops and manufactures external and implantable circulatory support devices. The company is headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts, and has three additional offices, two in Germany in Berlin and Aachen, and one in Tokyo, Japan. Michael R. Minogue is Chairman, CEO and President of the Company, with Dr. Thorsten Seuss as Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Chuck Simonton as Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. David M. Webber as Chief Operating Officer. According to Bloomberg, the company "is involved in research and development and the sale of medical devices to help or replace the failed heart pumpfunction. It also provides continuity of care for heart failure patients." As of 2019, the company has obtained five FDA approvals and 715 patents with 622 pending. For fiscal year 2019, Abiod reported revenue of $769.4 million and recorded diluted earnings per share of $5.61 per share for the year. Abiomed was founded in Danvers, Massachusetts by David M. Lederman in 1981 as an applied biomedical company. That year, the company began developing artificial heart. Funded by federal research grants, Lederman has worked with the Texas Heart Institute to develop AbioCor, a grapefruit-sized electromagnetic device with an internal battery that completely replaces the heart without wires or tubes passing through the skin. In July 2001, AbioCor became the first artificial heart to be successfully implanted in a patient, pumping more than 20 million times. 14 AbioCor devices were implanted during clinical trials from 2001 to 2004, with the longest-lasting receiver remaining on Alive for 512 days. AbioCor won FDA approval in 2006 for patients who are about to die and are not eligible for a heart transplant. In 2004, Michael R. Minogue became President and CEO of Abiomed. In 2005, Abiomid purchased the ventricular assist device impella CardioSystems AG from Aachen, Germany, the maker of the Embella heart pump, developed by Thorsten Cisse, who is now chief technology officer at Abiomed. After Abiomd acquired Imbella, the company's focus shifted from heart replacement to heart restoration. In July 2014, Abiomed acquired German heart pump maker ECP in a deal worth up to $30 million. The deal included the purchase of nearly $2.8 million from AIS GmbH Aachen Innovative Solutions, which owns some licensed patents for ECP. In May 2018, Abiomed was added to the S&P 500 index. During the Rise of the S&P from 2000 to 3000, The Standard & Poor's was the highest performing stock. In 2018, Abiod built a $17 million innovation center to facilitate product research and development. The 29,800-square-foot facility includes blood, optics, software, mechanical and electrical research laboratories, as well as a production line. In 2019, Baron ranked first among Abeum shares in 2010, with a total return of 1,983%. Fortune ranked 19th on the magazine's list of 100 fastest growing companies. In April 2020, Abiomd acquired Braith, the developer of the novel membrane system outside corporeal oxygen (ECMO).