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Sabre Inc. is a travel technology company based in Southlake, Texas. It is the world's largest provider of air reservation distribution systems in North America. Founded in 1960, American Airlines was acquired in 2000.In 2007, acquired by Texas Pacific Group and Silver Lake Partners on what was then Sabre Holdings. Cyber started public trading on nasdaq in 2014. in 1953, C.R. Smith, president of American Airlines, met Blair Smith, an IBM salesman, on board a flight, developing a Cyber (semi-automatic business research environment) concept. The system was based on SAGE, the first major system to use real-time interactive computing, developed by IBM for military use. Sabre was founded in 1960 by American Airlines. Sabre installed sabre's first booking system in Briacliff Manor, New York that year. The system consists of two IBM 7090 main computers and processes 84,000 calls per day. In 1964, sabre was completed nationwide and became the largest commercial real-time data processing system in the world. Sabre handled 7,500 passenger bookings per hour in 1965. Sabre was upgraded to IBM System/360 and moved to a new center in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1972.In 1976, sabre system was first installed in a travel agency. This allowed travel agents immediate access to flights. By the end of the year, 130 sites had installed the Sabre system. Sabre introduced Bargaining, the industry's first low-fare automated research capability, in 1984. In general Next, easySabre was launched. Consumers with personal computers were given access to Sabre to make airline, hotel and car rental bookings. In 1989 the New York Times reported that Sabre had "about 38 percent of the reservation market." In 1996, the company launched TravelCity, an online travel agency. Sabre formed a joint venture with Abacus International in 1998 to create the Sabsonic Passenger Solution, a customized version of Sabre's reservation system for Abacus subscribers in Asia.