Trade Vanguard Growth ETF

Evolve is one of the fastest growing ETF providers in Canada since the launch of the first set of ETFs on the Toronto Stock Exchange in September 2017. Evolve is a leader in thematic ETFs that specialize in bringing innovative ETFs to Canadian investors. in Canada, BlackRock is the largest ETF provider, offering ETFs under the brand name RBC iShares Claymore Investments and also offers a series of ETFs available in Canada (Claymore has been acquired by BlackRock - iShares Canada so please refer to iShares Canada for any of these funds). TSX: CDZ - Claymore CDN Earnings & Income ETF achieves ETF tracks in Mergent Canadian Earnings and Income Index. TSX: CLU – Claymore US Core ETF (Canadian dollar hedging) Tracks FTSE RAFI US 1000 Canadian dollar Hedging Index TSX: CIE – Claymore International Basic Index ETF Tracks FTSE RAFI Advanced Us Former 1 000 Index TSX: CJP – Claymore Japan Key Index ETF Tracks FTSE RAFI Japan Canadian Dollar Hedging Index Hamilton ETFs is an ETF manager based in Toronto, Ontario offering actively managed, financially oriented ETFs. TSX: HXU - "HBP 60 Bull + ETF" tracks twice (200%) Daily Performance of Total Return Index S&P/TSX 60 TSX: HXD - Tracks "HBP 60" Bear + ETF" twice (200%) reverse (reverse) of daily performance of The S&p/TSX 60 Total Yield TSX: HEU - Horizon BetaPro S&P/TSX Crowned Taurus Power Plus ETF Tracks Twice (200%) Daily Performance For the S&P/TSX Cupid Energy Index.