Trade NIC

NIC Inc. (NASDAQ: EGOV) is a digital government services company for federal, state and local governments in the United States. It was founded in 1992 and is based in Olathe, Kansas. Harry Herrington is ceo and chairman. As a digital government provider, NIC Inc. has long-term contracts with more than 3,500 state, local government and federal agencies to provide IT software, services, and payment processing solutions. NIC was acquired in February 2021 by Tyler Technologies. company has two main divisions including digital government software, services and payment processing solutions. The main service for digital government solutions and the service sector is to provide external lye government portals. In addition, the other sector is involved in the development of payment processing solutions for local and federal governments. NIC Federal generates revenue from a contract with the Federal Motor Company Safety Department to develop and manage its online presence before the screen program's recruitment.