Trade Metcash

in Metcash, we are the force behind Independent Australia and New Zealand. From the humble assets of the first family-owned corner shop in 1927, we supported independents and strengthened the communities in which they worked for nearly 100 years. With a national network of more than 10,000 independent retailers and 90,000 other wholesalers, we are the driving force behind local family-owned businesses - sticking to their young comrades and helping them become the best stores in the city. Although we may be big in size, we will always be the locals at heart. Today we are Australia and New Zealand's leading independent retail partner and wholesaler in food and alcoholic beverages and Hardwar we have more than 80 years of experience in supporting and advocating independent grocery interests, and lori hardware sectors. Headquartered in Sydney, world-class distribution facilities across the country allow us to work extensively to unite independent grocers in Australia, delivering products to more than 10,000 retail buildings and another 90,000 wholesale customers across the food, grocery, liquor and appliance markets. Our network of successful freelancers includes a wide range of brands such as IGA, Foodland, Mitre 10, Home Timber & Hardware, Cellarbrations and Bottle-O.