Trade Louis Vuitton

Google France SARL inc. Google v. Louis Vuitton Malletier SA (C-236/08), also known as Google v. Louis Vuitton was a landmark decision in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that search engines like Google do not violate the trademark rights themselves if they allow advertisers to use the competitor's trademark as a keyword. Vuitton has a "Vuitton" brand in the community as well as french brands Louis Vuitton and LV. These are widely accepted for having a well-known reputation. in 2003, Vuitton discovered that if Internet users entered the terms of his trademark in google search engine, they would be directed to sites selling replicas of Vuitton products, under the title "Supported Links." Additionally, Google enabled advertisers to use brands simultaneously with Vuitton, expressions that refer to counterfeit products, such as "imitation" and "copying." Thus, Vuitton sued Google, trying to make sure it violated the Vuitton trademarks.