Trade Jack Henry & Associates

Jack Henry & Co., Inc. is a technology and payment processing services company for the financial services industry. It serves more than 9,000 customers across the country and operates through three major brands. JHA, headquartered in Monet, Missouri, generated annual revenue of $1.55 billion in fiscal year 2019. Jack Henry & Co. (commonly referred to as JHA) was formed in 1976 by Jack Henry and Jerry Hall in Monet, Missouri. In 1977, Jack Henry & Co. was established and generated $115,222 in revenue. On November 20, 1985, an INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING made JHA a public company trading 3,125,000 common shares on the NASDAQ under the symbol JKHY. In 1992, JHA began to aggressively acquire companies that expanded its product offering and customer base. It acquired Simitar in 2000, establishing its second brand serving the credit union industry. In 2004, JHA acquired a number of companies and products that can be sold outside JHA's core customer base for all financial services organizations regardless of charter, asset size and core processing platform. In 2006, JHA launched its third major brand - ProfitStars - to include specialized products and services assembled through acquisitions. In 2012, JHA announced $1 billion in annual revenue.