Trade Henkel & Co

Henkel AG & KGaA Co. is a German chemical and consumer goods company based in Dusseldorf, Germany. It is a multinational company active in both the consumer and industrial sector. Founded in 1876, DAX 30 is an organization in three global business units (laundry, home care, beauty care, and pasting techniques) and is renowned for brands such as Lockgate, Persil, Va., Dial and Biorex, among others. in fiscal year 2017, Henkel recorded sales of more than 20 billion euros and operating profit of 3.055 billion euros. More than 80 per cent of its 53,700 staff are outside Germany. the company was founded in 1876 in Aachen as Henkel and Si by Friedrich Karl Henkel (a 28-year-old merchant who was interested in science) and two more partners. They marketed his first product, Universalwaschmittel, a global silicate-based cleaner. in 1878, to take advantage of the best transportation and sales opportunities, Henkel moved his company to Düsseldorf on the Rhine (its current location). Düsseldorf was a gateway to the Ruhr region, which became the most important industrial zone in the German Empire from the 19th century onwards. That year, the first German cleanser named After the Brand: Bleach-Soda from Henkel [Soda Whitening], an affordable product provided in strong paper bags, appeared. Made of glass, water and soda, it was the result of Fritz Henkel's own research. The soda was obtained from Mathis Weber in Duisburg (Henkel bought this company in 1917 and sold it in 1994).