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Hawaiian Airlines (Hawaii: Huey Mukoli Hwy) is the carrier and largest airline in the State of Hawaii in the United States. It is the tenth largest commercial airline in the United States, based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The company operates its headquarters at Daniel K. Inoi International Airport on Oahu Island and a secondary centre outside Kahulu Airport on Maui Island. The company also maintained a crew base at Los Angeles International Airport. Hawaiian Airlines flies to Asia, American Samoa, Australia, French Polynesia, Hawaii, New Zealand and the United States mainland. Hawaiian Airlines is the oldest U.S. airline that has never had a fatal accident or hull loss in its history, and often tops the carrier's on-time list in the United States, as well as the lowest number of cancellations, oversales, and baggage handling issues. Interisland Airlines (Hawaii: Hoy Mukoli Bellina), the pioneer of the airline now known as Hawaiian Airlines, was founded on January 30, 1929. Inter Island Airlines, a subsidiary of Interisland Steam Navigation, began operations on October 6, 1929, with a Bellanca CH-300 pacemaker, providing short sightseeing trips over Oaho. The scheduled service began a month later on November 11 using the Sikorsky S-38s with a flight from Honolulu to Hilo, via a broker stop in Molokai and Maui.On October 1, 1941, the name was changed to Hawaiian Airlines when the company Phase-out of the oldest Sikorsky S-38 and Sikorsky S-43 flying boats. The first Douglas DC-3s were added to the fleet in August 1941, and some of the remaining examples in the process until final retirement in November 1968.Modern compressed equipment from 1952 was introduced in convair 340 form. As the Convair 440s were added in 1959-60, most Convairs are converted into turbine power in 1965-67. Another was sold in 1974.Hawaii Airlines began to offer aircraft service in 1966 with the acquisition of Douglas DC-9-10 aircraft, which cut travel times by half on most of its lines.