Trade Great Lakes Dredge & Dock

Great Lakes Shelf and Aquarium Company is an American company providing construction services in dredging and land reclamation, currently the largest such provider in the United States. GLD & D operates primarily in the United States but conducts a quarter of its business abroad. The company is currently based in Oak Brook, Illinois, but in October 2020 the company announced the relocation of its headquarters to Houston, Texas. the company was founded in 1890 as a partnership with William A. Lydon and Fred C. Darius and his name was Lydon and Draughts Dredging Company. Early projects included coastal structures for the Chicago Columbian Exhibition. The company soon carried out satellite operations throughout the Great Lakes. Its name was changed to The Great Lakes Shelf & Aquarium Company (GLD & D) in 1905. Between 1900 and 1950, GLD & D carried out major projects such as Sabine Lock, Chicago River Straightness West of the Chicago Loop, Michigan Street Bridge, Foundation Vault and Reclamation Area where Adler Planetarium, The Science Museum, Soldier Field, Meigs Field and Natural History Museum stand today in Chicago and work port for the Great Lakes Marine.During World War II, GLD & D built the MacArthur Lock. After World War II, GLD&D participated in extensive oil-related dredging operations in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1979, GLI was listed as a holding company for GLD&D. From 1985 to 1998, GLI was acquired by several companies to include ITEL, Blackstone Dredging Partners and Vectura Holding Company (Citigroup) until it was purchased by Madison Dearborn Partners in 2003 at $340 million. The company was spun off publicly traded on NASDAQ in 2006 after Madison's private-purpose acquisition company Aldabra Acquisition Corp. merged with it. The Dabra, in turn, changed its name to the Great Lakes Of Drift and Pier. Madison last sold its shares in 2009.