Trade E.ON

E.ON SE is a European electric power company based in Essen, Germany. It operates one of the largest investor-owned electrical utility service providers in the world. The name comes from the Greek word Ion which means age. The company is an element of the European stock market index Stoxx 50, the DAX stock index and a member of the Dow Jones Global Titans 50. It operates in more than 30 countries and has more than 33 million customers. Ceo (Vorstandsvorsitzender) is Johannes Teyssen.E.ON was created in 2000 through the integration of VEBA and VIAG. In 2016, it separated its traditional power generation and power trading operations to a new company, Uniper, while retaining retail, distribution and nuclear operations. E.ON sold its stake in Uniper through the listing of the stock market and sold the remaining shares to Finnish firm Fortom. in March 2018, it was announced that E.ON will acquire Innogy renewable energy facilities through a complex asset swap deal worth 43 billion euros between E.ON, Innogy and RWE. The deal was approved by EU antitrust authorities in September 2019.In 2019, and E.ON became the first of the UK's six "big" energy companies to switch all of its customers from full British electricity to renewable electricity. E.ON came into being in 2000 through the merger of energy companies VEBA and VIAG (Vereinigte Industrieunternehmungen AG; United Industrial Enterprises Corporation). In the United Kingdom, E.O. acquired. In 2003 E.ON entered the gas market by purchasing 10.3 billion euros from Ruhrgas (later: E.ON Ruhrgas). E.ON Ruhrgas was represented in more than 20 countries in Europe.