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A&W Food Services from Canada, Inc. is a Canadian fast food chain. The chain was originally part of the US-based A&W restaurant chain, but was sold to Unilever in 1972 and then bought by its management in 1995. It no longer has any corporate contact with A&W operations outside Canada.The Canadian operation is owned and operated by privately owned A&W Food Services Inc., based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. In December 2013, A&W was Canada's second-largest fast-service burger chain with 850 outlets after McDonald's with 1,400 outlets. first Canadian A&W restaurant opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1956. Canadian restaurants were part of the American chain until 1972 when they were sold to Unilever. in 1975, facing competition from the growing Canadian operations of McDonald's, the company launched what was a temporary advertising campaign starring the orange-clad mascot, The Great Root Bear. The bear and toba's jingle that accompanied him became a long-running campaign (the melody, entitled "Ba Dom, Ba Dom", was released by The Attic Records, credited with "The Pioneer Ursus" a play on Ursa Major or "The Great Bear"). Renowned Canadian composer and B.C Hall of Fame winner Robert Buckley helped compose the song. The mascot was so successful that it was eventually adopted as a mascot by the American A&W series as well. The famous Toba Jingle is played by Vancouver's famous jazz, classical and tromboneist sharman king. The King also did not advertise for the Book Depot series of discount book stores, which he owned. In the early 1980s, the style of the drive was phased out in the restaurant. Replaced with a modern bastille-colored fast food outlet that guarantees marginally healthier options. While the chain continued to open some independent restaurants, A&W also aggressively sought to mall locations, and as a result A&Ws are still commonly found in Canadian shopping malls of various sizes.