Trade 1-800 FLOWERS.COM, Inc. is a flowers and food gift retailer and distribution company in the United States. The company's focus, with the exception of Mother's Day and Valentine's Day, is on gift baskets, using the name Their use of "timid self-descriptive phone numbers" is part of their business model: 800-GOODIES, 800 CANDIES and "a bunch more in reserve." 1-800-Flowers provides same-day delivery using "a network of local florists who offer and deliver bouquets". For the presentation of the company's gift basket, the hybrid solution is how they work around reducing "local retailers cannot be expected to be in stock at all times." Major competitors include ProFlowers and the concept of using the word "flowers" was originated within a telephone word by William Alexander in the early 1980s. In an agreement with Jean that would later be heavily contested, Gran Semmes and David Snow formed a Louisiana company that began to use this number to sell flowers in Louisiana, starting in 1982. The use of this number would lead to a series of lawsuits. Their work suffered and that company was dissolved, with its assets going to investors James Bug gorry and John Davis of Texas. The new company also struggled financially. Its origins were acquired in 1986 by Jim McCann, the owner of several flower shops in the New York City area since 1976, under which the work has seen success and growth.